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The New Liquid Chalk That's Better Than Hand Sanitizer

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, it was a shocking and confusing time for all of us. But we knew two things: One, we couldn't give up climbing, and two, we had to find a way to do it safely. Enter Secret Stuff Hygienic

Secret Stuff Hygienic... and the Science Behind It

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, it was a shocking and confusing time for all of us—including the Friction Labs team. Even as we started sheltering in place along with 7 billion other humans, we knew two things: One, we couldn't give up climbing, and two, we had to find a way to do it safely.

We’d already created an alcohol-free version of our liquid chalk, which we call Secret Stuff® (Space Jam). But when it was discovered that COVID-19 could be transferred by contact and that gyms were looking for hygienic solutions, we had an important reason to try the opposite approach...

What if we could create a chalk with 80% ethanol—the same concentration the CDC, WHO, and FDA recommend for killing the novel coronavirus?


After extensive experimentation with different formulas in the lab, we struck on one that we really loved, Secret Stuff Hygienic, or SSH— the world’s first hygienic chalk.  

Now we’re spreading the word so Crossfitters, climbers, powerlifters, tennis players, and gym enthusiasts can get back out there safely - at no sacrifice to their grip.

Made with a base of 80% ethanol—the concentration recommended by the CDC and FDA—Secret Stuff Hygienic is engineered to kill germs, keep hands clean, and, like all Friction Labs® liquid chalk, to provide killer grip for your climbs, workouts, WODs, and any other sport where excellent grip is vital to your performance.

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Secret Stuff Hygienic
Secret Stuff Hygienic


We’re many things—climbers, Crossfitters, powerlifters, and nature lovers - but we're not scientists . However, we’ve always appreciated the importance of sticking to the scientific method, testing your theories, and trusting the data. Research and experimentation are the foundation of our products, and we work closely with experts to ensure that our chalk is as safe as it is effective. Science and safety are critical during a global pandemic, so we got in touch with actual scientists at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (CU-AMC) and asked them to find out just how effective Secret Stuff Hygienic was at killing bacteria and viruses. After all, we had to know our idea was more than just an idea. It had to actually work.

A team of university professors specializing in immunology and microbiology—in other words, the cream of the crop when it comes to these things—tested Secret Stuff Hygienic’s ability to kill two types of microscopic germs: Bacteria—which is the stuff living on your hands, phone, keys, and everything you’ve touched today—and viruses, like measles, the flu, and most importantly, the novel coronavirus.


For the bacterial evaluation, the team swabbed participants’ hands, had them use Friction Labs® Secret Stuff Hygienic, then swabbed them again. Each sample was then placed on petri dishes and tested for germ count. In every variation, Secret Stuff Hygienic dramatically reduced the amount of germs on participants’ hands.

Get It
Get It

Of course, we were psyched about this, as it was our whole goal—but we were shocked when the scientists told us that Secret Stuff Hygienic actually had better antibacterial properties than the hand sanitizer they used as a control in the experiment!

“In fact, the Secret Stuff was as good or better than using hand sanitizer, used as a positive control on separate plates.”

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Luckily for us - and millions of climbers, CrossFitters, and lifters around the world - the results of the antiviral test were just as encouraging! Using lab-grown COVID specimens, the team of researchers discovered that Secret Stuff Hygienic was highly effective at reducing COVID in the immediate term, and eliminating all traces of the recoverable virus from the subjects’ hands within five minutes—making it just as effective as the industrial-strength disinfectant CU uses to sterilize their own laboratories. You may find ours a little easier on the skin, though!

So if you’d rather rub some SSH on your hands than dip them in a bucket of acid, click here to order yours now and put our 100% satisfaction guarantee to the test!


Like we said earlier - we’re not the microbiologists and immunologists around here, so we’re not going to pretend like we understand every word of this study. We’re just a team of athletes who love what we do and want to help others reach their goals with gusto - while staying safe and healthy. And for those looking to do the same, the results are clear: Secret Stuff Hygienic has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses just as well—and in some cases even better—than hand sanitizer.

It’s time to chalk up and get back out there.

You can read the original study here.

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