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Rock Climbing

Jon Glassberg

Boulder, Colorado

Jon has traveled the world for twenty years, climbing rocks up to 5.14 and V14. Recently his focus has shifted from the rock to the camera, capturing the heart and soul of cutting-edge climbing through his company, Louder Than Eleven, one of the Outdoor Industry’s most trusted production houses. Jon enjoys hanging from the side of El Cap to film free ascents 3000 ft off the valley floor, climbing in the Rocky Mountains, and traveling to the corners of the earth to capture rare moments in sport.

"Being a big guy with ultra sweaty hands, I am always battling thin, leaky skin that is prone to splitting. But FrictionLabs has revolutionized my grip and kept me climbing longer during a session and stickier on the rock." Photo: Jessica Talley (@jess_talley)

Jon Glassberg

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Jon Glassberg

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